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In this blog we will share with our readers interesting facts, stories and projects related to Japanese architecture and aesthetics. We will introduce the Japanese house, helping you to better understand its distinct qualities. Sharing our architect’s experiences and projects, we will give you a closer look at their design process. Through a comparison with Western design concepts, we will come to a better understanding of Japanese aesthetics and study their close connection to nature. 

Our hope for this blog is that it will be become a lively and open forum for discussion with our readers. Do please leave comments, suggestions and requests. We will try our best to respond to your ideas and to make this blog, with your help, a rich and attractive resource for all those interested in Japanese, architecture, aesthetics and culture as a whole.  

This blog is for anyone interested in Japanese architecture. Whether you are a keen devotee of the Japanese aesthetic, or simply someone with a beginner’s interest in Japanese house style – this blog is for you.

The Singular World of Japanese Architecture

As an island nation with almost 2000 years of history, and 300 years cut off from outside influences, Japan has developed a peculiarly unique culture. This culture is expressed in Japanese social etiquette, the food they eat, and of course the houses and temples they build. Japanese architecture with its simplicity and use of natural resources, such as wood, tatami straw mats, and paper screen doors, is a major expression of Japanese society.

Just like art, architecture serves as a universal language - as a means toward understanding the history, culture, and values of other peoples. ZenVita’s  objective is to help people participate in that conversation.

About ZenVita

Based in Kyoto, Japan, ZenVita was established to bring original Japanese aesthetics to homeowners around the world. We represent top class home design professionals who are based in the city of Zen. Simply put, we want to help more people around the world enjoy unique Japanese house designs, Japanese architecture and aesthetics. We at ZenVita understand the need of our customers for relevant and interesting design ideas and hope to provide solutions according to their needs.


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