We created a different kind of interior and home design services.

Based in Kyoto, Japan, ZenVita was established to bring original Japanese aesthetics to residential, commercial and mixed used projects around the world. We represent wide variety of architectural design professionals who are based in Japan. Simply put, we want to help more people around the world enjoy unique Japanese designs and aesthetics. We at ZenVita understand the need of our clients for relevant and interesting design ideas and hope to provide solutions according to their needs.

Focus on Quality

As an architectural design agency, we offer the exclusive opportunity for residential, commercial and mixed used projects to attain either an authentic or a comtemporary Japanese architectural design by addressing all aspects of urban planning, space planning, architecture, landscaping, custom furnishings and more. The traditionally schooled Japanese architects in our service base their designs on the distinctive and unique Japanese aesthetics, drawing their inspiration from the heart of the Japanese culture allowing our clients access to individual and outstanding designs. Aligned with experienced and reliable local contractors, ZenVita is committed to a smooth transition from drawing to implementation.