Simplicity. Tranquility. Elegance.

ZenVita is a platform which connects homeowners with designers that are experts in the Japanese aesthetic. Simply browse designs, connect with the architect, and begin the transformation of your space.

How it works

Find Inspiration

Browse through elegant rooms designed in the Japanese aesthetic by our expert architects. Select one that pleases you, and contact them using ZenVita.

Create Relationship

Connect with your designer, send in your room measurements, and set the terms of your engagement. Establish the style, price, and timeline for delivery.

Receive Your Blueprints

Once your blueprints have arrived, you can take them to the local contractor of your choice. Your ZenVita architect will be available to answer any questions about the design.

Why ZenVita?

For centuries, the Japanese aesthetic has been an important part of daily life. Its basic tenets include stark beauty, simplicity, and elegance. While the aesthetic has been adopted by the West, its true practitioners still only reside in Japan. A room or home remodeled in the Japanese minimalist style brings a whole new meaning to the space, inviting tranquility and harmony. The timeless nature of the designs mean they will never go out of style.

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